Tokyo Electric Power Services Co., Ltd. (TEPSCO)

Since its incorporation in 1960, the Company has developed its business as a group company of TEPCO for the purpose of "design and management of civil engineering, construction, electricity and machinery." Based on elemental technology such as civil engineering, construction, electricity, machinery, geology and environment and technology in various fields such as hydropower, thermal power, nuclear power generation and general construction, we provide consulting services on domestic and overseas projects and demand for our technical skills and services overseas continues to rise.

Company Information

Company Name

Tokyo Electric Power Services Co., Ltd. (TEPSCO)

Category of Business

Construction consultant

Date of Establishment

December 20, 1960


40 million yen

Representative Director

Shotaro Okawara, President


9th floor, KDX Toyosu Grandsquare, 1-7-12 Shinonome, Koto-ku, Tokyo

Overseas Branches

Jakarta Office / O Mon Thermal Power Plant Office / Indramayu Thermal Power Plant Construction Office
Hanoi Office / Al-Mussaib Thermal Power Plant Rehabilitation Office / Iraq Electricity Sector Reconstruction Office
Amman Office / Shimal Thermal Power Plant Construction Office / Upper Egypt Power Feeding Center Construction Office
Malaysia Branch Office / Bheramara Thermal Power Plant Construction Office / Greater Colombo Energy Transmission and Distribution Construction Office
Egypt Branch Office / Manjung Thermal Power Plant Construction Office / Yangon Power Generation and Transformation Rehabilitation and Construction Office
Iraq Branch Office / Nikola Tesla A Thermal Power Plant Construction Office / Myanmar Power Transmission and Transformation Construction Office / Mozambique Branch Office
Navoi Thermal Power Plant Construction Office / Dacca Power Transmission and Transformation Construction Office / Myanmar Branch Office
Maputo Thermal Power Plant Construction Office / Pahang-Selangor Raw Water Transfer Construction Office
Matarbari Thermal Power Plant Office / Tekai Hydropower Plant Construction Office / Turakurgan Thermal Power Plant Construction Office
Peusangan Hydropower Plant Construction Office / Song Hau Thermal Power Plant Construction Office / Nenggiri Hydropower Plant Construction Office / Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant Construction Office


23.8 billion yen (FY 2017)

Number of Employees

791 (as of February 1, 2019)

Number of Foreign Employees

11 (as of February 1, 2019)


Main Business

The Company was established to conduct surveys, design and management of power generation facilities. Currently, in Japan, issues include the stable supply of energy, environmental problems, response to disaster prevention and aging of various infrastructure.
On the other hand, overseas structural changes in energy demand and the increasing severity of environmental problems have become global issues. Adapting to these changes and those of the future, the Company will respond to the expectations of customers both in Japan and overseas through its engineering services throughout the lifecycle process from survey and design of social capital, facility and equipment diagnosis to operation management in the fields of energy, mainly focused on electric power, environment and disaster prevention, including quake-resistance assessments. The expertise and professionalism we nurture is also utilized in civil engineering structures, general buildings and power generation facilities, etc.

The Company has developed as a comprehensive power consultant, involved in surveys and planning to management, operation and maintenance of projects for thermal power plants, hydropower plants and energy transmission and transformation facilities. Our breadth of experience, high quality services and advanced technology are highly evaluated overseas, keeping us in demand. We continue to deepen our business activities on a global scale with consulting services on more than 600 projects in more than 80 countries around the world, including a water conduction facilities construction project in Malaysia, a large scale coal thermal power plant construction project in Bangladesh and an energy transmission and distribution facilities construction project in Egypt and Sri Lanka, etc.

Job Information

Employment Status

Full-time employees

Work Locations

Tokyo Head Office (9th floor, KDX Toyosu Grandsquare, 1-7-12 Shinonome, Koto-ku, Tokyo)

Description of Job

Research, planning, survey, design, analysis, management and engineering positions and administrative positions

You will be assigned to survey and design social infrastructure including power generation facilities as engineering staff involved in research, planning, survey, design, analysis and management. As new employees are employed by section, you will use your knowledge gained during your studies at university and begin to sharpen your professional knowledge. Within the Company, many qualified personnel hold doctorates in engineering and science and these include professional engineers and first-class licensed architects that new employees will work with and consult with.


Bachelor’s degree: 235,000 yen (monthly)
Master’s degree: 250,000 yen (monthly)
Doctorate degree: 300,000 yen (monthly)


Various social insurance programs, asset accumulation savings plans, housing subsidies, retirement pension, qualification acquisition commendation system (from 10,000 yen up to 200,000 yen), official qualification allowance system, childcare and long-term care leave of absence


・INTERMEDIATE(Daily Conversation Level)
・ADVANCED(Business Conversation Level)
・PROFICIENT(Native Level)

[English ]
・INTERMEDIATE(Daily Conversation Level)
・ADVANCED(Business Conversation Level)
・PROFICIENT(Native Level)


【Days off】
Two days off a week, holidays, six (6) holidays at the year-end and New Year

Summer vacation(3 days), Anniversary(1 day) ,Other special leave,Annual paid leave(After a lapse of 0 months, 15 days)

Working Environment

Before joining the company: Japanese language training(3 years)
Upon joining the company: Introductory training for approximately two weeks will be provided for new employees (including business etiquette and English training)
2nd year: Practical problem-solving training (resolution of problems discovered in one’s own work)
Presentation training (details of problems and efforts toward resolution)
3rd year: Presentation (presentation meetings)
Overseas project on-site training (actual overseas site visits)
From joining the company ~: English training throughout the year

Upon joining the company: Introductory training, on-site training
After joining the company ~: practical training throughout the year (through actual work assignments you will receive specific support from senior employees)