The "SEVEN-ELEVEN" franchise chain operates the largest number of stores around the world, that is, about 67,600 stores in 17 countries. SEVEN-ELEVEN JAPAN CO., LTD. provides "SEVEN-ELEVEN" operating companies around the world with support in (licensees') management and expansion into new countries, leveraging its World's No. 1 management know-how. SEVEN-ELEVEN plans to further its global expansion with advancement into the Indian market this year.
Leveraging the management know-how that has grown the franchise chain into a company that operates the largest number of stores around the world, we are actively recruiting human resources who will provide consulting services to "SEVEN-ELEVEN" operating companies (licensees) around the world.

Company Information

Company Name


Category of Business

retail distribution

Date of Establishment

November 20, 1973


17.2 billion yen

Representative Director

Fumihiko Nagamatsu, President


8-8, Nibancho, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 102-8455, Japan

Overseas Branches

Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, USA, Canada, Mexico, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Australia, India


4,898,872 million yen (Results for 2018)

Number of Employees

9,092 (as of February 2019)

Number of Foreign Employees



Main Business

SEVEN-ELEVEN JAPAN CO., LTD. was incorporated in 1973.
As the franchise chain headquarters of the convenience store "SEVEN-ELEVEN," we undertake various business initiatives in support of management of "SEVEN-ELEVEN" throughout Japan from store development, product development, logistics systems, and management advice.
By continuing to create value in response to changes in the times, through continuous investment in a range of products, services and facilities, and implementing flexible business initiatives that respond to market changes with continuous growth in mind, SEVEN-ELEVEN JAPAN is currently tops with 20,904 stores(as of March 2019) domestically and ranks tops in domestic sales.

Now, we aim to expand our business not only in Japan but also around the world by taking advantage of our response to market changes know-how which has been cultivated and accumulated over the history of SEVEN-ELEVEN.
By aggressively promoting globalization, the SEVEN-ELEVEN franchise currently operates 68,236 stores(as of March 2019), the world's largest number.
We aim to enhance our brand presence as "the World's SEVEN-ELEVEN" by providing overseas "SEVEN-ELEVEN" operating companies (licensees) with a wide-range of management consulting services focusing on, for example, product development, store development, buildings and facilities, and logistics systems.

Job Information

Employment Status

Full-time employees

Work Locations

'After training in Japan, personnel to be dispatched overseas

Description of Job

♦ OFC (Operation Field Counselor / store-management counselor)
=> Overseas Business Headquarters (management support to overseas "SEVEN-ELEVEN" operating companies (licensees))
This position provides "SEVEN-ELEVEN" member stores with management consulting from various points of view. The OFC (Operation Field Counselor / store-management counselor) of SEVEN-ELEVEN JAPAN will take charge of 7 to 8 stores and visit each store at least twice a week. Consulting provided by the OFC covers the range of operations concerning management of stores, including, proposals for product lineups and sales promotion, from management of employees to numerical management of stores. This position pursues the convenience of customers who use the stores and contributes to improvements in sales and profits of the stores. You will sense that your knowledge and drive is helping others by supporting owners and achieving customer satisfaction.

All OFCs attend "FC meetings" which are held twice a month. In meetings, information including company policy and new products are provided, and information-sharing is conducted nationally and regionally. "FC meetings" provide a "forum for information collection" and a "place to enhance skills," and therefore these meetings provide opportunities for OFCs.

While learning overseas operations at overseas operation training sites, many of you will experience an OFC position firsthand and acquire business know-how of SEVEN-ELEVEN JAPAN according to your aptitude. Subsequently, we would like you to play an active global role across a wide range of positions at overseas business headquarters.


Bachelor’s degree(as of April 2019)
Assigned to Metropolitan area: \217,000, Kansai and Tokai: \215,000, Other areas: \214,000
Meal allowance, overtime compensation, etc.
Salary adjustment: once a year, Bonus: twice a year


Various social insurances, shareholding association, housing loan, mutual aid association, corporate pension fund, system of subsidies for use of full medical checkups and cancer screening tests, subsidies for influenza vaccinations, childcare leave of absence system, long-term care leave of absence, etc.


・ADVANCED(Business Conversation Level)

[English ]
・ADVANCED(Business Conversation Level)


110 days

Working Environment

[Global Special Career Plan]
We offer a career plan for those who with global ambitions, English language skills and leadership skills. For this plan, you will receive overseas business headquarters training from the 1st year of employment and you will learn both domestic and overseas operations to work at an overseas business headquarters in the future.
This career plan is as follows:
From the 1st year of employment: Overseas business headquarters training and store management skills acquisition training (training-store training) are provided.
From the 2nd year and subsequently: Overseas business headquarters training is provided and you will then be assigned to OFC (store-management counselor) operations.
Subsequently: Overseas training and management training are provided. You will learn know-how of SEVEN-ELEVEN management in every department in Japan, including store development, products, construction, etc., to gain a wide range of knowledge and experiences so you can play an active role overseas in the near future.