Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd.

What color do you like? The world in which we live is full of colors. It is paint that colorizes this world. Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd. is one of the world's leading paint manufacturers with more than 130 years of history. Our paints beautifully color the world while protecting everything around you, including automobiles, buildings and home appliances and furnishings. Utilizing the technology developed by paints, we have taken up the challenge in non-paint fields and currently engage in a wide range of fields from paints to non-paints. Our overseas expansion was launched around 60 years ago helping us to solidify our position as a paint manufacturer, securing the top spot in Asia and 4th overall globally with bases mainly in Asia but also in Europe and North America.

Company Information

Company Name

Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd.

Category of Business

Manufacturing business/Chemicals

Date of Establishment



78.862 billion yen

Representative Director

President & CEO, Representative Director of the Board: Tetsushi Tado
Vice President, Representative Director of the Board: Manabu Minami


2-1-2 Oyodo Kita, Kita-ku, Osaka 531-8511 Japan

Overseas Branches

Business development in 25 countries and regions including the US, Europe and mainly in Asia


622.98 billion yen (as of December 2018) Overseas sales: 71%

Number of Employees

20,257 (consolidated, as of December 2017)

Number of Foreign Employees

16 (in Japan, non-consolidated)


Main Business

Nippon Paint Group is a paint manufacturer that provides diversified products and services across fields through its “paint business” and “fine chemical business.” We offer a wide range of one-stop technology and services from high quality and high performance paints, including environment-friendly products, to surface treatments to make materials functional as a front-end process for painting as well as system proposals to enhance painted coating efficiency.

[Automotive coatings] Paints for coloring automotive bodies with high functionality and design. We also develop paints for bumpers and various resin parts.

[Trade-use paints] Paints widely used for painting at construction sites, from housing to large-scale structures including bridges, and pursuing improved workability.

[Industrial coatings] We develop paints for an extensive range of industrial products, including construction machinery, agricultural machinery, exterior building materials, office equipment and home appliances.

[Marine coatings] We develop paints that prevent damage to ship bottoms by marine organisms and improve the navigation efficiency of ships. We are always seeking ways to improve ship fuel economy.

[Surface Treatment] We continue to add various functionality such as rust prevention, adhesion of coatings and improvement in durability to materials.

Job Information

Employment Status

Full-time employees
Engineering General Course: fundamental research, applied research, product development, business development, production engineering and quality control, etc.
Administration General Course: Sales, planning, Human Resources, legal affairs, Finance & Accounting, marketing and international related affairs, etc.

Work Locations

Throughout Japan (including overseas in the future)
(domestic and overseas offices of Nippon Paint Holdings Group)

[Major Bases]
Head Office Functions: Osaka, Tokyo
Research Facility: Osaka, Tokyo
Sales Offices: Throughout Japan
Plants: Tochigi, Chiba, Aichi, Okayama, Hiroshima, and other locations.
Overseas: Countries in North America, Europe and Asia

Description of Job

[fundamental Research]
Research based on the accumulation of technology from a long-term perspective that is not bound to short-term results in order to actively lead the industry and the times in challenging higher added value paint products, which is the source of new development toward diversification from paint technology.

[Applied Research]
Research to dynamically challenge state-of-the-art technology to determine for what purpose of use the results acquired by fundamental research could be applied, and to promote a variety of themes from paint fields to development in new fields through research that adapts original seed technology to customer needs.

[Product Development]
Develop specific products to be launched to market based on comprehensive perspectives related to performance, cost and work efficiency know-how including not only development of new products but also improvement of existing products.

[Business Development]
Pioneer and develop new fields by integrating innovative technology cultivated in paints and state-of-the-art technology.

[Production Engineering]
Develop production equipment and experimental equipment for in-house production and for customers, by utilizing many kinds of original technology.

It is one of the most important function as a frontline force of the Company including overseas marketing as one of its activities, where you can sense the large-scale operations and work dynamism. Collaboration with other departments is always necessary and strong leadership skills as well as flexibility not bound by existing business models are required.

[Administration, Planning]
Planning of business strategies for each business division and new business models, counting management and various operations in departments such as (sales management, procurement, strategy planning, design center, legal, general affairs, Human Resources, Finance & Accounting and information systems). These are a specialist groups, supporting smooth operations of organizations always seeking to improve productivity in each operation.


Starting Salary
Master's degree: 225,680 yen
Bachelor's degree: 211,680 yen

Salary adjustment: Once a year
Bonus: Twice a year


Commutation expense: Entire amount covered by the Company

Insurance: Employment insurance, workers accident insurance, health insurance, welfare pension insurance

Others: Bachelors’ dormitory, housing fund loan intermediation system, asset accumulation saving system, shareholding association, group insurance, general welfare center, various recreation facilities, etc.


・ADVANCED(Business Conversation Level)
・PROFICIENT(Native Level)

[English ]
・INTERMEDIATE(Daily Conversation Level)
・ADVANCED(Business Conversation Level)
・PROFICIENT(Native Level)


Annual holidays: 125days (results in 2018, Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, year end and New Year holidays, summer holidays)
Annual paid leave (1 week leave system provided: in-house rule to take paid leave for 5 consecutive days), congratulation and condolence/special leave, etc.

Working Environment

We provide an environment where employees can exert their abilities to the maximum extent by assignment of challenging themes regardless of age. We expect our employees have a lot of experiences rapidly and to be a global leader as soon as possible. The Company offers a system to support employees who have the desire and motivation to grow, including new employee training as well as leadership strengthening training at each stage, skill strengthening support for each position assignment and joint program training with overseas bases.
Our employees are sincere and dedicated to their work within the company and earnestly engage in their duties at each workplace. We promote not only attributes but diversity in thinking and ideas, and promote the opportunity to take up challenges for improvement of the Company.