KUBOTA Corporation

We have struggled with worldwide problems such as "food," "water" and "environment" through manufacturing since the foundation in 1890. Beginning with iron water pipes, our business has been expanding from machineries, water, environment system to social infrastructures. Our current global contributions are mainly to lifeline improvement of agriculture mechanization and of water and sewerage system、and overseas sales ratio is up to about 68% (FY 2017 ended December). Our challenge was always the same: what can we do to meet the demands and enhance our lives for tomorrow.

Company Information

Company Name

KUBOTA Corporation

Category of Business

Machinery, metal products, plant engineering

Date of Establishment

February, 1890


\84.1 billion(as of December 31,2018)

Representative Director

President and Representative Director : Masatoshi Kimata
Representative Director and Executive Vice President : Yuichi Kitao


2-47, Shikitsuhigashi 1-chome, Naniwa-ku, Osaka 556-8601 Japan

Overseas Branches

More than 100 sites in North America, Europe and Asia


\1,850.3 billion (Fiscal Year ended December 31, 2018)

Number of Employees

40,202 (as of December 31, 2018)*The number of full-time employees.

Number of Foreign Employees



Main Business

■Agriculture machinery
Our agriculture macineries have contributed Japan's agriculture, including rice, with reliable technologies and qualities since post-war food shortage time in Japan. We are the leading company of farm equipment market, such as tractors, combines and rice transplanters, and we have led efficiency and mitigation of agrarian labor. Our products are used in multi-purpose other than agriculture, not only for rice but also for farming, in Asia, North America and Europe, throughout the world.

Our engines have cleared exhaust regulations around the world. The industrial diesel engines with less than 100 horsepower have won one of the world's top-ranked companies.

■Construction machinery
They are small sized construction machinery for urban development. We have won one of the world's top-ranked companies in small-sized(up to 6t) backhoes.

■Pipe system and water-treatment facilities
Kubota is the comprehensive water-tool brand, supplying iron pipes, that are our core products since the start-up, pumps, valves, water-treatment facilities. In Japan, we have performed adequentely in water disposal field including iron pipes.

Job Information

Employment Status

Regular employee

Work Locations

Hokkaido, Miyagi, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Chiba, Tokyo, Aichi, Osaka, Hyogo, Hiroshima, Fukuoka

Description of Job

Administration : sales, planning and marketing, financing, procurement , production management, personnel, general affairs

Engineering : R&D, design, production technology, procurement, quality assurance, technical service and technical services


Starting salary : bachelor degreed 218,500 yen / master degreed 238,500 yen (April 2018)


【Housing】company housing 
【Saving】asset-building savings, reserving, Kubota fund(employee shareholding association)
【Congratulation or condolence / insuarance】congratulation or condolence payments, family life support hedge, accident compensation and others


・ADVANCED(Business Conversation Level)

[English ]
・ADVANCED(Business Conversation Level)


Annual holidays : 125 days
Annual paid leave and special leave (congratulation or condolence leave, childcare, nursing care, relocation and others)

Working Environment

Training program: After joining the company, you we will be assigned to the department after 2 month - new employee training. We will implement newly hired training, purpose-specific professional training, job-title-based training and others.

Corporate culture: There is a corporate culture that encourages freedom of opinion even young people and encourages challenges. There are staffs who have experienced various carrers for more than 25 years from overseas as new graduates.