Overseas sales 80%. Worldwide business deployment of light technology.
Konica Minolta was originally founded as a camera & photo film manufacturer.
For more than 140 years our company has cultivated and leveraged the synergies of four core technologies "materials," "optics," "microfabrication" and "imaging" to develop diversified businesses from office service to healthcare products and planetariums.
In addition, the proportion of overseas sales is high (80%), and it is a global company to develop sales and services in 150 countries.

Company Information

Company Name


Category of Business

Precision machinery

Date of Establishment

December 22, 1936


37,519 million yen

Representative Director

Shoei Yamana, President and CEO


JP Tower, 2-7-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Overseas Branches

Overseas Bases (50 countries) : Asia, Pacific / North America, Latin America / Europe, Middle East


1,059.1 billion yen (consolidated: fiscal 2018)

Number of Employees

Non-consolidated: 5,282 (as of March 2018)
Consolidated: 43,299 (as of March 2018)


Main Business

We have developed our businesses across diversified business domains based on four core technologies "materials, optics, microfabrication and imaging."

▪ Office business (office services, multifunction machines, etc.)
▪ Industrial / commercial printing business (industrial / commercial printers, textile printers, etc.)
▪ Healthcare business (medical equipment, medical measuring instruments, etc.)
▪ Industrial optical system business (optical components, measuring instruments, etc.)
▪ Materials / components business (industrial film materials, electronic materials, etc.)
▪ Planetarium business

In addition, as new fields of business, we have made inroads into the business domains of security solutions and nursing care solutions as a “digital company with insight into implicit challenges” that transcends manufacturers.

Job Information

Employment Status

Full-time employees

Work Locations

Domestic bases including Tokyo, Aichi, Osaka and Hyogo and overseas bases

Description of Job

Technical staff: research, development, design, product assessment, production technology, intellectual property, IoT, etc.
Administrative staff: domestic sales, overseas sales, planning / administration, production management, financial, legal and personnel affairs, etc.


Starting salary (monthly) * Performance as of April 2017
- Master’s degree: 255,550 yen
- Bachelor’s degree: 228,550 yen

Salary adjustment: once a year (April)
Bonus: twice a year (June, December)
Various allowances: commutation allowance, new generation development allowance, discretionary work allowance, sales force allowance, overtime pay, etc.


System / cafeteria plan (selective benefits program), mutual aid association system, etc.
Insurance / health insurance, employees’ pension insurance, employment insurance, workers’ compensation insurance
Facility / bachelors’ dormitory, recreation facility, gym, sports’ grounds, etc.
Retirement pay・pension / defined contribution pension system (401k), defined benefits pension system, retirement advance payment system (selective).


・INTERMEDIATE(Daily Conversation Level)
・ADVANCED(Business Conversation Level)
・PROFICIENT(Native Level)

[English ]
・INTERMEDIATE(Daily Conversation Level)
・ADVANCED(Business Conversation Level)
・PROFICIENT(Native Level)


Two days off each week, year-end and New Year holidays / consecutive summer holidays, annual paid leave (15-20 days), marriage leave, childcare leave system, family-care leave system, volunteer leave system, etc.

Working Environment

[STEP 1] - New employee training -
As introductory training, all new employees of Konica Minolta gather for approximately two weeks after joining the company and learn the basic foundations of knowledge required as a business person.
[STEP 2] - Various technical specialized training, patent training -
New employees solidify their foundations in technology and engineering.
[STEP 3] - Mentor system -
Each new employee is assigned a “mentor” for one year to support him/her so that new employees can make a smooth transition to working life and feel confident in addressing private concerns with their respective mentors (guidance and consultation on work, consultation on private matters, etc.)