Daifuku Co., Ltd.

Daifuku Co., Ltd. is a global logistics systems manufacturer.
Our reputation is built on our integrated systems from consulting and engineering to design, manufacturing, installation and after-sales service.
• We are a logistics systems manufacturer that supports multiple industries including automobiles, logistics and airport infrastructures
• We are the largest materials handling company in the world
• Our overseas sales ratio: 72%
• Our network of production and sales bases extends across 23 countries around the world
• Our per project order amount totals more than 10 billion yen

Company Information

Company Name

Daifuku Co., Ltd.

Category of Business

Manufacturing industry

Date of Establishment

May 20, 1937


31,865.3 million yen (as of March 31, 2019)

Representative Director

Hiroshi Geshiro, President and CEO


Osakashi nishiyodogawaku Mitejima 3-2-11 〒555-0012

Overseas Branches

Overseas branches, subsidiaries and branches are deployed in 23 countries and regions.


459,486 million yen (Fiscal year ended March 31, 2019)

Number of Employees

9,857 (as of March 31, 2019)

Number of Foreign Employees

6,459 (as of March 31, 2019)


Main Business

1. For general manufacturers and distributors: FA&DA (Factory & Distribution Automation)
We provide automated warehousing, various storage and transport systems, and sorting and picking systems that are fully optimized for each customer, from distributors including e-commerce vendors, retailers, wholesalers and transport and warehouse services to manufacturers in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and machinery industries.
2. For semiconductor/LCD production line systems: eFA (e-Factory Automation)
We provide cleanroom transport & storage systems for semiconductor and flat panel display manufacturers essential for smartphones and tablets. We take pride in the large number of systems we have delivered to the world’s leading device makers in North America, South Korea, China, Taiwan and beyond.
3. For automobile production line systems: AFA (Automotive Factory Automation)
We provide automation/manpower saving systems to automobile manufacturers in China, South Korea, Detroit’s Big Three, and Japan’s automakers around the world. Our systems are essential throughout the production line, including press, weld, paint and assembly.
4. For airport systems: ATec (Airport Technologies)
We provide a wide range of system solutions for airports, including baggage handling systems, automated baggage check-in systems, baggage screening systems, and security systems for monitoring and controlling facilities throughout airports.
Our business operates worldwide in collaboration with our Group affiliates in the U.S., the U.K., and New Zealand.
5. For car wash machines and car-related products: AWT (Auto Washing Technologies)
While we mainly provide car wash machines to filling stations and automobile dealers, we also enhance eco-friendly functions through water-saving and using plant-based liquid detergents. This business boasts top shares in Japan and the South Korea markets.
6. For electronic devices
We provide high-end industrial personal computers, measuring/control systems and network-related products through our subsidiary Contec Co., Ltd.

Job Information

Employment Status

Permanent employee

Work Locations

'Osaka, Tokyo, Shiga, Komaki and other domestic offices
※After New employee training, assigned to each business division

Description of Job

Science: System Research and development, Software Research and development, Design
(development, machinery, control, equipment and systems), Production technology, Production
management, Factory supervision, Sales engineer, Field engineer, etc.
Humanities: Sales, General Affairs / Human Resources, Finance, Legal Affairs, Public Relations,


BA: 222,000 yen / month
MA: 237,000 yen / month (Actual in 2019, base salary)


Recreation center / Hakone · Lake Biwa
Partnership / Daiwa Royal · JTB Elavel Club etc.
Single dormitory / Tokyo · Shiga · Osaka etc.


・INTERMEDIATE(Daily Conversation Level)
・ADVANCED(Business Conversation Level)
・PROFICIENT(Native Level)

[English ]
・ADVANCED(Business Conversation Level)
・PROFICIENT(Native Level)


Complete weekly holidays (Saturdays and Sundays), holidays, Paid vacation (first year 10 days),
Summer / Winter vacation, Condolence vacation, Refresh vacation, annual holiday 123 days

Working Environment

Recruitment requirements
■ Human resources required by Daifuku (Key+words) ■
• Challenge spirit
• Carry out one’s words
• Sincerity
• Flexible ideas
• Global orientation

■ Allowances ■
Commuting allowance, family allowance, overtime allowance, job title allowance, etc.

■ Salary adjustment ■
Once a year (April)

■ Bonus ■
Twice a year (July & December)