This is the list of companies participating in NIKKEI ASIAN RECRUITING FORUM.
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Aurora Co.,Ltd

Change a Girl’s World’
To innovatively, heartfully and romantically
make a girl’s dreams come true.
This is our mission.

Girls have led the new trend all through the times.
Access to information straightway, decide preference intuitively, and share it with friends promptly : Girls always transform individual "cute" and "interesting" feelings to social movement.
We believe that their viewpoints, imaginations, and communicativity will be big engine of our vibrant communities.
Aurora will keep creating new values for the world through offering innovative and appealing services for young women.

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ORIX Corporation

"Answers, Custom Fit."

Established in 1964, from its start in the leasing business, ORIX has advanced into neighboring fields and at present has expanded into lending, investment, life insurance, banking, asset management, automobile related, real estate and environment and energy related businesses. Since entering Hong Kong in 1971, ORIX has spread its business globally by establishing locations in 36 countries and regions across the world.

We have transcended the conventional boundaries of a leasing enterprise by building the unparalleled ORIX business model. ORIX aims to contribute to society while continuing to capture new business opportunities.

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JFE Steel Corporation

JFE Steel, one of the largest steel manufacturers in the world, upholds its corporate philosophy of “contributing to society with the world’s most innovative technology” by providing steel products and services with unique features and high functionality for the next generation.

In order to strengthen our overseas presence, we are actively promoting enhancement of overseas local production sites mainly in rapidly growing Asian economies and expansion of our global network connecting each country.

All over the world, steel is essential to “daily life.” Why not challenge yourself in a dynamic business that supports the core of manufacturing technologies?

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JCB Co., Ltd.

JCB has led the payment card industry in Japan since it was founded in 1961 and introduced the credit card as a new payment instrument to the country. JCB was also the first Japanese card company to independently launch overseas operations, in 1981. JCB insists on a policy to supply, on its own, unique products and services meeting diverse customer needs worldwide. JCB's international business foresight has made JCB one of the world's international payment card brands. Let's build the future with us in the world.

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Daiwa Institute of Research Group (Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd./Daiwa Institute of Research Business Innovation Ltd.)

【Ceate "human" and "Future", the Professional Group】

Daiwa Institute of Research Group is a comprehensive think tank combining research, consulting and system functions. We have proposed new values for society via sophisticated information services based on much of our considerable experience and expertise and the productive collaboration of the foregoing three functions.

Making our future for the better. Daiwa Institute of Research Group continues to contribute to society with the world’s best "eintelligence."

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Denso is one of the leading suppliers of advanced automotive technology, systems and components to the world’s major automobile manufactures. Operating in 38 countries around the world, we are actively engaged in supplying components and systems to the world’s automobile makers. Our sales totals approximately ¥4 trillion, and the number of employees worldwide is approximately 140,000. In Japan, we have approximately 40,000 full-time employees, mainly based in Aichi Prefecture.

Under a corporate philosophy of "contributing to a better world by creating value together with a vision for the future," Denso employees contribute continuously to challenges all over the world, looking at the future from not only today but also from a long-term perspective, with the aim of contributing to people’s well-being around the world.

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Japan Third Party Co.,Ltd.

[Connect to the Future: Connect state-of-the-art IT and Japan and also connect people’s lifestyles and the future]

Japan Third Party Co., Ltd. (JTP) has provided a wide range of services to corporations in Japan and overseas since its incorporation in 1987 as an independent IT service provider. These services range from IT outsourcing, including integration services, system development, operation support, helpdesk and training to technical services such as life science, digital marketing, robotics and IT education services.

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Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd.

What color do you like? The world in which we live is full of colors. It is paint that colorizes this world. Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd. is one of the world’s leading paint manufacturers with 136 years of history. Our paints beautifully color the world while protecting everything around you, including automobiles, buildings and home appliances and furnishings. Utilizing the technology developed by paints, we have taken up the challenge in non-paint fields and currently engage in a wide range of fields from paints to non-paints. Our overseas expansion was launched around 60 years ago helping us to solidify our position as a paint manufacturer, securing the top spot in Asia and 4th overall globally with bases mainly in Asia but also in Europe and North America.

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House Foods Corporation (House Foods Group)

House Foods is a general foods manufacturer of mainly processed foods. In 2018, we celebrated our 105th anniversary since our foundation. Under a corporate philosophy of "Bringing greater joy to families through our foods," we have pursued our goal of customers’ "happiness at home" without being bound by conventional industry ideas.

"Vermont Curry" has propelled curry to the top of the nation’s collective taste buds to be called "Japan’s national food," and the handmade dessert classic "Fruiche" is always a favorite with parents and children. We have continued to provide customers with new value by offering a variety of products to the Japanese market. Our future mission is to tackle challenges and grow as a company that can provide our global customers with new value, and promote Japanese food culture we can take pride in not only within Japan but also all over the world.

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Bando Chemical Industries, Ltd.

The Company launched its mid-to-long term business plan, “Breakthroughs for the future” in 2013, and aims to become a supplier pioneering on a global scale, which can achieve sustainable growth by its two main wheels of belts and functional products, including new businesses as a business model to be achieved in 10 years. We will continue to challenge expansion of our core business in the global market and innovative technological development and strive to take advantage of the full strength of the Company to establish a company business model adapting to severe environmental changes.

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Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

Yamaha Motor is an end product manufacturer which provides the world with mainly motorcycles but also includes such products as marine and recreational vehicles and industrial robots, etc.
The Company upholds its goals as the “Kando creating company,” which means enrichment of life and joy and happiness of people and creating Kando, by expanding the scope of activities and possibilities of customers through the use of our products.
We have left our imprints in the fields of the earth, and continue to set our sights to “offer new excitement and a more fulfilling life for people all over the world.” We look forward to receiving applications from individuals who would like to assert themselves on a global scale with an energetic and consistent challenge spirit.

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Overseas sales 80%. Worldwide business deployment of light technology.
Konica Minolta was originally founded as a camera & photo film manufacturer.
For more than 130 years our company has cultivated and leveraged the synergies of four core technologies "materials," "optics," "microfabrication" and "imaging" to develop diversified businesses from office service to healthcare products and planetariums.
In addition, the proportion of overseas sales is high (80%), and it is a global company to develop sales and services in 150 countries.

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NTN Corporation

[Contributions to the International Community with the State-of-the-Art Technology!]
NTN is a precision equipment manufacturer with the world’s top share in “bearings.” Since its foundation in 1918, NTN has supplied bearings that are essential to rotating mechanisms for machinery to the market, and has contributed to the development of industries. Adopting the slogan “For New Technology Network: Networking The World With New Technology,” NTN has developed its business on a global scale. In particular, for automobile-related products, NTN owns the 2nd (about 20%) largest drive shaft market share in the world and the world’s largest axle unit bearing market share (about 25%). The company strives to further develop these technologies and contribute to an affluent lifestyle and the international community by proposing new value across a wide range of industries.

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KUBOTA Corporation

We have struggled with worldwide problems such as "food," "water" and "environment" through manufacturing since the foundation in 1890. Beginning with iron water pipes, our business has been expanding from machineries, water, environment system to social infrastructures. Our current global contributions are mainly to lifeline improvement of agriculture mechanization and of water and sewerage system、and overseas sales ratio is up to about 68% (FY 2017 ended December). Our challenge was always the same: what can we do to meet the demands and enhance our lives for tomorrow.

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Sojitz Corporation

Sojitz Corporation is a highly diversified Japanese business conglomerate (General Trading Company) engaged in a wide variety of businesses with a group network which encompasses over 400 subsidiaries and affiliates, located in over 50 countries across the globe.
Headquartered in Tokyo and listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange we are a major Japanese company, that has built a strong business record and reputation in such diverse business fields as Energy and Metals, Chemicals, Machinery and Consumer Lifestyle Business.

Sojitz is one of the seven largest Sogo Shosha in Japan and we can trace our history back to 1862. Whilst having a long history we are not bound by tradition and as such our corporate slogan is “New Way, New Value."

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Kokusai Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd.

Kokusai Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd., since its foundation to the present day, sells packaged products and films such as boxes and envelopes, recycled reusable paper, develops of machinery and services related to paper and survices, builds business models, biomass power generation businesses and NETshop operations, while selling paper as an indispensable material to society .
As a ""leading paper company in paper circulation"" that contributes to the earth using paper as a medium operating under the slogan ""world-class paper to the world,"" we are committed to social contributions and environmental protection efforts as well as innovation related to new services.

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Today, with an eye toward the future, NGK Spark Plug continues to pursue challenges that will bring about innovation primarily in environmental energy, medical and next-generation vehicle-related technology leveraging its 80-plus years of ceramic technology and know-how. The company makes it a policy to extend opportunities to its younger employees and encourages them to take up various challenges in active pursuit of unprecedented manufacturing by promoting and advancing new business opportunities and creating our own new businesses under our “DNA Project,” etc. Starting from the challenge of making Japan’s first spark plug, NGK Spark Plug continues to aim at being a company indispensable to the world through its commitment to uphold the challenge of innovative manufacturing that opens new doors to the future.

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Brother Industries, Ltd.

Since its foundation in 1908, Brother has provided unique products, leading changes in the times for over a century. Today, Brother has grown into a global enterprise, with 80% of its total sales derived from overseas, focused mainly on compact printers and All-in-One printers. Our past is built upon a spirit of challenge without fear of failure or change, and we still keep on trying new things today. In business development, we continue to offer more high value to our existing businesses as well as placing new focus on our service solution business.

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Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

The bank has over 100 years of history and is one of Japan's leading commercial banks. The bank has a strong individual and corporate customer base all over the world.
Group companies include major companies in financial services, including credit cards and securities, etc., and a synergistic effect is maximized among the group companies allowing for provision of high value added services.
We are united under the slogan of "LEAD THE VALUE" to show our commitment to our customers, shareholders, markets and society. This slogan expresses our determination to be an organization that is continuously enhanced its quality and combined strength as a Group through our indivisual efforts as professionals to further develop our three core strengths, "Spirit of Innovation" "Speed" and "Solution & Execution".
We create new VALUE by forming teams of specialists in various fields and provide optimal services to our customers through two-way communication.
And as a result, we will be selected as a truly-trusted partner.

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Mitsubishi Motors’ future cars will race around the world, while changing the world. Our strengths include the world’s dominant electric vehicle technology represented by OUTLANDER PHEV, which has been a world leader since the early 2000s, in addition to SUV and 4WD technology having been honed at rallies around the world; and our global presence in the markets of Asia, ASEAN and Europe. We will continue to develop creative products and services that align with global market needs, grow together with our customers from each area of the world, and realize an affluent automobile society.

Tokyo Electric Power Services Co., Ltd. (TEPSCO)

Since its incorporation in 1960, the Company has developed its business as a group company of TEPCO for the purpose of "design and management of civil engineering, construction, electricity and machinery." Based on elemental technology such as civil engineering, construction, electricity, machinery, geology and environment and technology in various fields such as hydropower, thermal power, nuclear power generation and general construction, we provide consulting services on domestic and overseas projects and demand for our technical skills and services overseas continues to rise.

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Nikkei Inc.

We aim to be the world's navigator during tumultuous global economic times..., this is the current thought of Nikkei Inc. What we aim to be a multimedia company with newspaper publication as its core.

Our corporate slogan "Fair and impartial, contributing to the peaceful and democratic development of the Japanese economy, the foundation for the nation’s livelihood" is the underlying philosophy of the reliability and brand of NIKKEI. Our company will continue to create new value through power of information with a calm and objective journalistic spirit as its core.

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The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited

■ We are a company that continues to challenge "innovation" aiming to become a global insurance group.
We, the Dai-ichi Life Group, have positioned the "domestic life insurance business," "overseas life insurance business" and "investment and asset management business" as our three engines of growth in order to ensure "the highest level of peace of mind for the region and the world” as a global insurance company. As we continue to innovate and evolve towards sustainable growth, our operations in retail, wholesale, underwriting, asset management and overseas business will continue to expand globally. The Dai-ichi Life Group is also serious in its efforts to promote "diversity & inclusion" as one of the core pillars of its management and continues to build an environment where personnel of various backgrounds can play active roles in various fields.

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Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation

◆ Advanced Technology Company comprised of Trading Company × Manufacturer
Based on our corporate vision "to consistently aim to be the Global Top in high-tech solutions," Hitachi High-Technologies continues to position its global business as a unique advanced technology company, maximizing its two primary functions as a trading company and manufacturer. Many of our products are probably unknown to the great majority of the public. For example, industrial and IT systems, industrial materials, electronic microscopes and medical analysis devices are rarely seen in daily life. However, while niche products, some of them account for the largest market share in the world, and their impact on society as a whole has been significant. In addition, our areas of business have continued to expand with requests from around the world to assist in the building of infrastructure. The sky is the limit on the types of products we are requested to deliver. With the curiosity to discover the seeds of new business as our competitive advantage, we all must demonstrate our abilities on the global stage!

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