NTN Corporation

[Contributions to the International Community with the State-of-the-Art Technology!]
NTN is a precision equipment manufacturer with the world’s top share in “bearings.” Since its foundation in 1918, NTN has supplied bearings that are essential to rotating mechanisms for machinery to the market, and has contributed to the development of industries. Adopting the slogan “For New Technology Network: Networking The World With New Technology,” NTN has developed its business on a global scale. In particular, for automobile-related products, NTN owns the 2nd (about 20%) largest drive shaft market share in the world and the world’s largest axle unit bearing market share (about 25%). The company strives to further develop these technologies and contribute to an affluent lifestyle and the international community by proposing new value across a wide range of industries.

Company Information

Company Name NTN Corporation
Category of Business Machinery
Date of Establishment March 1, 1918
Capital 54.3 billion yen
Representative Director Hiroshi Ohkubo, President
Headquarters 1-3-17 Kyomachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
Overseas Branches Plants: U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Thailand, Taiwan, China, etc.
Sales bases: U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Thailand,
Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, China, etc.
Sales 683.3 billion yen (consolidated) *fiscal year ended March 2017
Number of Employees 5,301 (consolidated: 24,665) *as of March 31, 2017
Number of Foreign Employees 19,364 (consolidated: number of regular employees)
Main Business NTN conducts research and development, manufacture and sales of products, including drive shafts, essential for automobiles and precision machines, as well as bearings used for rotating parts of every kind of machine.

[Industrial Machinery Market]
NTN advances its business in various industrial machinery fields, including construction machinery, agricultural machinery, aerospace-related equipment, office machines, wind power generators, machine tools and railroad vehicles, etc.
[Repair and Sales Market]
NTN responds to the maintenance needs of industrial machinery and automobiles.

[Automobile Market]
NTN advances its business on automobiles and automobile markets, focused mainly on hub-bearings, drive shafts and needle roller bearings.

Job Information

Employment Status Full-time employees
Work Locations Head office and each business office in Japan and overseas
Description of Job Liberal arts students/Sales (Japan and overseas), finance, accounting, legal, personnel affairs, production management and purchase, etc.
Science students/ Research and development, product development, design, production engineering, sales engineering, intellectual property, quality management, etc.
Salary Master’s degree/ 239,400 yen
Bachelor’s degree/ 216,400 yen
(As of April 2018)
Benefits Various social insurance programs
Bachelor’s dormitory, company housing (both for business purposes), athletic facilities, sports club corporation member enrollments, mutual aid association, friendship society, employee shareholder association, housing fund loan system, asset accumulation savings plans, long-term care leave/leave of absence system, volunteer leave/leave of absence system, childcare leave of absence/childcare time system, childcare leave system, mothers returning to work system, baby sitter childcare support system, internal day nursery and retirement pay system, etc.
Language Japanese:
ADVANCED(Business Conversation Level)

INTERMEDIATE(Daily Conversation Level)
Holidays Two days off a week (off on Saturdays and Sundays), 120 days or more off a year, including public holidays, summer and year-end and New Year holidays, commemorative (birthday) holiday, etc., paid leave (20 days), refreshment leave, congratulatory and condolence leave, etc.
Working Environment New employee follow-up training system, training by tier, training by job, study in Japan and abroad (scholarship) system, overseas trainee system, global industry-ready potential internship, new employee overseas challenge training, production engineer development program (NTN School, career training), language training, self-awareness support system, qualification acquisition encouragement system, TOEIC test encouragement system, etc.
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