House Foods Corporation (House Foods Group)

House Foods is a general foods manufacturer of mainly processed foods. In 2018, we celebrated our 105th anniversary since our foundation. Under a corporate philosophy of "Bringing greater joy to families through our foods," we have pursued our goal of customers’ "happiness at home" without being bound by conventional industry ideas.

"Vermont Curry" has propelled curry to the top of the nation’s collective taste buds to be called "Japan’s national food," and the handmade dessert classic "Fruiche" is always a favorite with parents and children. We have continued to provide customers with new value by offering a variety of products to the Japanese market. Our future mission is to tackle challenges and grow as a company that can provide our global customers with new value, and promote Japanese food culture we can take pride in not only within Japan but also all over the world.

Company Information

Company Name House Foods Corporation (House Foods Group)
Category of Business Manufacturer (food)
Date of Establishment June 7, 1947
Capital ¥2 billion (March 2017)
Representative Director President, Masahiko Kudo
Headquarters Tokyo Head Office: 6-3 Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8560, Japan
Osaka Head Office: 1-5-7 Mikuriyasakae-machi, Higashi-osaka-city, Osaka 577-8520, Japan
Overseas Offices U.S., China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia
* Overseas subsidiaries in the Group
Sales ¥283,812 million(Consolidated House Group, March 2017)
Number of Employees 1,608 (Non-consolidated: House Foods Corporation, March 2017)
Number of Foreign Employees 19 (Non-consolidated: House Foods Corporation, October 2017)
Main Business The House Foods Group offers new value to customers around the world under a common philosophy of "Through food, we aim to be a good corporate citizen, connecting and collaborating with people to create smiles in their lives."
Responsible for spices/seasonings/processed food business" in the Group, House Foods Corporation manufactures, processes and sells curries, spices, seasonings, snacks, and other foods in Japan. We offer an extensive line of products including Vermont Curry, Kokumaro Curry, Hokkaido Stew, Curry-Ya Curry, paste spices, GABAN spices, Fruiche, Tongari Corn, and O’ZACK that have been much loved in homes for many years, and continue to build on various kinds of "deliciousness" and "scenes of eating with smiles" even after more than one hundred years.
Toward our future growth over the next one hundred years, we will concentrate our energies on developing international operations in order to promote Japanese food culture we can take pride in not only within Japan but also around the world. In China, we aim to launch a menu of "Japanese style curry" throughout the country by introducing curry that suits the tastes of Chinese customers as well as through curry restaurant operations. We are also making inroads in the tofu market in the U.S. that continues to expand in conjunction with healthier diets, and meet our customer needs. In Southeast Asia, we are actively seeking to develop businesses, while keeping an eye on market characteristics, dietary habits, and needs that differ among countries.
We will continue to develop our businesses to offer unprecedented "value" through our foods both domestically and internationally.

Job Information

Employment Status Full-time employees
Work Locations Tokyo, Osaka, and other business offices in Japan
* Potential for working at group companies (including overseas subsidiaries) in the future.
* Depending on the employment category, the place of work will differ.
Description of Job [Sales/Operations management position]
- Sales position: In charge of operations related to sales promotion, sales planning, etc., at each sales base
- Operations management position: In charge of operations related to business strategies, product planning, marketing, international businesses, personnel affairs, general affairs, legal affairs, public relations, etc.

* To be officially assigned in April 2020 based on individual aptitude and intention with six-months of operational training in human resources department after joining the company. (Recruitment position categories are now under consideration.)
Monthly Salary Bachelor’s degree: ¥211,000 (monthly)
Master’s degree: ¥223,000 (monthly)
Bonus: Twice a year (June, December)
Salary adjustment: once a year (April)
Benefits <Systems> Property accumulation savings, employee shareholding association system, retirement allowance system, overseas training system, refreshment leave, various insurances, 24-hour health consultation service, childcare leave support service, etc.

<Facilities> Bachelor’s dormitory (domestic business locations: one-room type), domestic and international contracted recreation facilities, use of contracted fitness clubs, etc.
Language Japanese:
ADVANCED(Business Conversation Level)
INTERMEDIATE(Daily Conversation Level)
Holidays <Annual paid leave>
10 days for the first year, 11 days for the second year, and 12 days for the third year; Subsequently, 2 day increase per year (up to 20 days).
Two days off each week, year-end and year-beginning holidays, summer vacation, anniversary of foundation, special holidays, etc.
Working Environment House Foods respects each individual employee’s personal qualities, intention to voluntarily approach their work, and efforts to grow on their own. Not only new employee training sessions, but also unique learning systems according to age group, department, and career are available.

[Young employees]
New employee training session, 2nd year training session (logical thinking), 3rd year training session (leadership)

[Mid-career employees]
Mid-career leader training session, basic management training, business planning workshop, etc.

Beginning manager training session, House management school, global manager development program, etc.

[Common to employees]
Language training (including learning Japanese), overseas study (U.S. etc.), overseas trainee program, self-development support, etc.
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