Japan Third Party Co., Ltd.

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Japan Third Party Co., Ltd. (JTP) has provided a wide range of services to corporations in Japan and overseas since its incorporation in 1987 as an independent IT service provider. These services range from IT outsourcing, including integration services, system development, operation support, helpdesk and training to technical services such as life science, digital marketing, robotics and IT education services.

Company Information

Company Name Japan Third Party Co., Ltd.
Category of Business Information processing
Date of Establishment October 31, 1987
Capital 795,475,000 yen
Representative Director President and CEO, Yutaka Mori
Chairman, Susumu Hasegawa
Headquarters Gotenyama Trust Tower, 4-7-35, Kita-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Overseas Branches None
Sales 4,634 million yen (Fiscal year ended March 31, 2017)
Number of Employees 375
Number of Foreign Employees 27 (China, Korea, Taiwan, Sweden, Russia, India, U.S.A., Irelan,Germany, Denmark, Brazil, Indonesia, Vietnum, Republic of Peru)
Main Business As the best partner for overseas high-tech companies, we provide support to help foreign companies to have a smooth entry into Japanese and Asia-Pacific markets with our highly professional expertise and years of experiences. Since our incorporation in 1987, we have continued to optimize our business based on needs and trends of IT services to always provide the most relevant and up-to-date IT services to our customers.

Service Lineups

Provides solutions to business challenges of end users by adopting state-of-the-art technology.
- Integration
- System development
- Helpdesk
- Training

[Life Science]
Supports more advanced IT utilization in the life sciences, including medical care and chemical analysis equipment
- Medical equipment support
- Chemical analysis equipment support

Pursues the potential of robots expanded by IT through application development and nurturing of engineer

[Digital Marketing]
Utilizes the power of SNS marketing to maximize the return on investment in relation to branding and promotion

[Human Resource Development]
Supports development of IT personnel who can take on active roles around the world and strengthens global competitiveness of companies
- IT education

Job Information

Employment Status Full-time employees
Work Locations Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Description of Job Senior personnel have improved their careers by deeply excavating and refining a particular set of skills and have played active roles as specialists with qualifications only held by a limited number of professionals in Japan after experiencing various career positions. We would like you to expand your professional horizons by challenging various skills in an environment where you can come into contact with an expanding technology base.

■ System Engineer
Build optimal systems based on the needs of customers, that encompass consulting, design, architecture, development, operation and maintenance of systems. Respond to inquiries from users mainly by telephone and e-mail as a support contact of overseas manufacturers. Also manage operators as a supervisor and build up call center systems that correspond to customer needs. Play an active role from robotics and AI to business supporting future society.

■ Solution Sales
Propose optimum solutions to customers, mainly major corporations, utilizing IT knowledge. Not only focus on proposals, but also thoroughly engage with engineers and customers, including support promoting projects and follow-up after implementation.

■ IT Instructor
This position is for a lecturer of technical training, etc., for professional engineers working on the frontlines of the IT industry. The position requires total planning from curriculum planning to instruction corresponding to user needs. Not only technology already known throughout Japan but also instruction on state-of-the-art technology from abroad is expected.
Salary Starting Salary: 208,500 yen
In addition to the above, transportation allowances are paid in full, and overtime allowances, late night work allowances, on-duty allowances, license allowances, TOEIC allowances and GAIT allowances are paid.

Periodic health checkups/recreation facilities/use of fitness club

Employee shareholding association system

Retirement allowance system (continued service for 3 years or more)

Short-time work hour system for child care (until child reaches 10 years of age)

FA system (possible to apply for relocation within the company to build up career)

JTP Society (conducts planning and operation of events deepening the association among employees, in which all employees participate.)

Language Japanese:
ADVANCED(Business Conversation Level)
INTERMEDIATE(Daily Conversation Level),ADVANCED(Business Conversation Level),PROFICIENT(Native Level)
Holidays Two days off each week
Annual holidays: 113 days (two days off a week)
Leave/paid leave: up to 20 days
Special leave (transfer, marriage, childbirth, victim of natural disaster, bereavement, bone marrow donation, etc.)
Maternity leave, childcare leave, nursing care leave, etc.
Working Environment A company culture of encouraging employees to voluntarily continue to acquire the skills to become a better IT professional.

JTP focuses on continuing to improve the skills of internal engineers as a company providing technical services and the development of culture, in which employees voluntarily continue to acquire skills. In addition to technical training provided by the Company, technology study meetings, moku-moku-kai, and ideathons hosted by employees are regularly taking place. We also actively invest in employees development by sending them to conference events in Japan and overseas so that they can come into contact with the latest technologies and trends.
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