Denso is one of the leading suppliers of advanced automotive technology, systems and components to the world’s major automobile manufactures. Operating in 38 countries around the world, we are actively engaged in supplying components and systems to the world’s automobile makers. Our sales totals approximately ¥4 trillion, and the number of employees worldwide is approximately 140,000. In Japan, we have approximately 40,000 full-time employees, mainly based in Aichi Prefecture.

Under a corporate philosophy of "contributing to a better world by creating value together with a vision for the future," Denso employees contribute continuously to challenges all over the world, looking at the future from not only today but also from a long-term perspective, with the aim of contributing to people’s well-being around the world.

Company Information

Category of Business Transport equipment
Automobiles / semiconductors, electronic parts and other components / computers, communication equipment and office automation equipment / information processing
Date of Establishment December 16,1949
Capital ¥187.4 billion
Representative Director President and CEO, Koji Arima
Headquarters 1-1, Showa-cho, Kariya, Aichi 448-8661, Japan
Overseas Offices 143 bases in 38 countries and regions including North, Central and South America, Europe, Australia, Asia
Sales Consolidated basis ¥4,527.1 billion
*April 1, 2016 ~ March 31, 2017
Number of Employees Consolidated: 154,493
Non-consolidated: 38,914
Main Business Automotive system products (related to engines, air-conditioning, bodies, and safe driving) ITS-related products (ETCs, car navigation systems, etc.)
Life-related equipment products
Development, production and distribution of industrial equipment products, etc.

Job Information

Employment Status Full-time employee
Work Locations Headquarters, Tokyo
Description of Job Technical Position / Research & Development, Design, Quality Control, Production Engineering, etc.

[Example of job description]
①Circuit development for image recognition and signal processing for automatic operation(Hardware)

②Algorithm development of machine learning technology for automatic riving(Software)

③R&D activities in one of the following technological domains
・ Connected PF and Software Development Methodologies
・ Inter-disciplinary Cyber-Physical System of Systems
・ Machine Intelligence (AI Quality Framework)

④activities in the following
1. Trend survey and roadmapping
2. Service design and verification process research
3. Context modelling / context design research
4. Others

⑤Software optimization for high-end, high-performance hardware
・Large-scale software development
・Optimization on x86, ARM, GPU, multi-core processor
Monthly Salary - Salary
Doctoral degree: ¥261,000 (monthly)
Master's degree: ¥227,000 (monthly)
(Results as of April, 2016)

- Bonus
Twice a year (July, December)
Average bonus: ¥1,040,000 (Results as of summer of 2016)
Average bonus: ¥1,040,000 (Results as of winter of 2016)
Benefits Commutation allowance, retirement allowance system
- Selection-based benefits program (Denso Cafeteria Plan)
- Other systems: Housing loan, property accumulation savings, stock ownership program, various social insurances, etc.
- Facilities: Bachelor’s dormitory, company housing, recreation facilities, training center, D-Square (employee club), various culture and sports facilities, etc.

- Benefits supplement:
Family allowance: ¥19,500 for 1st dependent, ¥3,500 for 2nd and 3rd dependents, ¥2,000 for 4th and subsequent dependents
* Since 2001, the selection-based benefits program has been brought in to realize a support system that suits each individual employee’s needs.
Language Japanese:
INTERMEDIATE(Daily Conversation Level)
ADVANCED(Business Conversation Level)
Holidays Number of annual holidays: 121 days
Two days off each week (Saturdays and Sundays), GW holidays, About 10 days each for summer vacation and New Year holidays
Annual paid leave, special holidays, etc.
Working Environment Hierarchical training (new employee training ~ management training), training by function (clerical work, engineering, skills), overseas trainee program, study-abroad program, training prior to overseas transfer, career plan training, self-development support (assistance for acquisition of qualification, dispatch of mid-career employees to graduate schools), etc.
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