Daiwa Institute of Research Group (Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd./Daiwa Institute of Research Business Innovation Ltd.)

【Ceate "human" and "Future", the Professional Group】

Daiwa Institute of Research Group is a comprehensive think tank combining research, consulting and system functions. We have proposed new values for society via sophisticated information services based on much of our considerable experience and expertise and the productive collaboration of the foregoing three functions.

Making our future for the better. Daiwa Institute of Research Group continues to contribute to society with the world’s best "eintelligence."

Company Information

Company Name Daiwa Institute of Research Group (Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd./Daiwa Institute of Research Business Innovation Ltd.)
Category of Business Think Tank/Software and Information Processing/Consultant
Date of Establishment August 1, 1975
Capital 3.898 billion yen (consolidated)
Representative Director

President: Yoriyuki Kusaki


Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd.
15-6 Fuyuki, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Daiwa Institute of Research Business Innovation Ltd.
1-14-5 Eitai, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Overseas Branches New York, London, Beijing, Jinan, Yangon (Myanmar)
Sales 84.7 billion yen (consolidated fiscal year ended March 2017)
Number of Employees 1,787
Number of Foreign Employees 12
Main Business (1) Research: provides information and proposals on a broad range of topics from domestic and global economic forecasts and policy analysis, through to financial/capital market and financial business trends, financial taxation, and environmental and CSR issues.

(2) Consulting: provides wide-range of consulting services to help improve better strategy that are commonly applicable to the company both in and out, to reorganize businesses and M&As, and to support the origination of new business opportunities in Asia.

(3) System : provides one-stop total services from utilization of information systems and system consulting for planning IT strategy, to system integration and design, construction and maintenance.

Job Information

Employment Status Full-time/main career track
Work Locations

Daiwa Institute of Research Ltd.
Tokyo and outside of Japan

Daiwa Institute of Research Business Innovation Ltd.
Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and outside of Japan

Description of Job (1) Main Career Track : System (System engineer, System consultant)
Provide total system services including proposals, configurations, maintenance and operations of large-scale information systems, as an IT and business specialist.
The business fields of our customers are wide-ranging:
 - financial institutions such as securities companies, banks and insurance companies
 - general corporations such as communications companies and logistics companies
 - public institutions such as government agencies, local governments and health insurance societies.
We are also working on providing advanced services through cloud technology, big data analysis and utilization of AI.

(2) Main Career Track : Research (Economist, Researcher)
Conduct research and analysis, and offer recommendation to broadly transmit information as professionals. Our fields of research are across the domestic and global economies, financial and capital markets, and environmental CSR.

(3) Main Career Track : Consulting (Consultant)
Provide forward-looking consulting services for management/business strategies, M&A and expansion into Asia, with fully demonstrating "intelligence" and the inherited "insight" that our company has accumulated as a securities think tank.

This time we recruit staffs only for System course.
After joining our company, you may have opportunities to transfer and engage in the operations of other courses.
Salary Starting salary (plans of April, 2019)
Bachelor’s degree: 255,000 yen (monthly)
Benefits [System] Various insurances, Employee asset-building savings system, employee stock ownership plan, defined contribution pension plan, healthcare (periodic health checkups, complete medical checkup, etc.) and more
Bachelor’s dormitory, resort facilities and more
Language Japanese:
ADVANCED(Business Conversation Level) / PROFICIENT(Native Level)
ADVANCED(Business Conversation Level) / PROFICIENT(Native Level)
Holidays Two days off each week (Saturdays and Sundays), public holidays, year-end and year-beginning holidays (4 days), long vacation (9 consecutive days, 5 refreshment leave days), 12 ~ 20 paid leave days (wedding preparation leave, family day leave, hourly-based leave, etc.)
Working Environment [Training system]
Structured training programs are provided for development of “professional” human resources. First year: education by OJT tutors
Second and third year: learn basic skills necessary for operations
After fourth year: learn and develop highly-professional applied skills
After fifth year:career-oriented training programs are also provided to enhance comprehensive strength and management ability by hierarchy and support the career formation of each employee.
We maximize the “willingness for personal growth” of employees.

We aim to ensure smooth communications within the workplace for foreign national employees on-site and business training for success at an early stage, we provide business Japanese language training, periodic and post-assignment follow-up interviews to enhance the work environment.
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