Aurora Co.,Ltd.

Change a Girl’s World’
To innovatively, heartfully and romantically
make a girl’s dreams come true.
This is our mission.

Girls have led the new trend all through the times.
Access to information straightway, decide preference intuitively, and share it with friends promptly : Girls always transform individual "cute" and "interesting" feelings to social movement.
We believe that their viewpoints, imaginations, and communicativity will be big engine of our vibrant communities.
Aurora will keep creating new values for the world through offering innovative and appealing services for young women.

Company Information

Company Name Aurora Co.,Ltd.
Category of Business Advertising and advertising agency
Recruitment and temporary placement services
Planning, production and maintenance of website
Nail salon operating,nailist's recruitment・dispatch business
Date of Establishment 23-Jan-07
Capital 150 million yen
Representative Director CEO: Kazuomi Furuse
Headquarters 13F Shinjuku NS building 2-4-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo JAPAN
Overseas Branches Singapore
Sales Non-disclosure
Number of Employees 230
Number of Foreign Employees 5
Main Business Policy
"To pursue a truly HAPPY way to work in order to maximize ‘individuality’ and ‘self-esteem’ and build an organization where everyone ‘wants to work here’ from people who want to shine all over the world.

In order to realize our mission and policy, we recognize that each employee always has awareness of "venture," and without feeling boxed in by position, with a sense of swiftness, we value an environment where we can continually challenge with new fields and methods.

Job recruitment media is an advertising agency which high and could be proud of the performances.This advertising sales agency has stabilized with earnings.Not only that we are offering a recruitment site called 「RUN-WAY」mostly targeting young women.We have nailsalon operations mainly in Shinjuku Shibuya etc.This has developed various services for women including nailsalon management that operates a recruitment service @nails which has reistered more than 7,000 nail artists.This has archived over 150% growth over the past years.

By the expand of business field and customer base the number of the target who we provide service are increases.We are also planning overseas expansion(January 2016,a subsidiary in Singapore).

In addition, our Company offers a full package of benefits besides an excellent working environment including maternity leave, housing allowance, unique "individual shift," "fashion allowance" and "internal nail salon system." A soundly considered fair evaluation system has been put into placed to evaluate individual effort. Please visit our rapidly growing innovative and creative company featuring our "To make woman shine" service!

Site planning

Job site for non-career women『RUN-WAY』



Jobsite for Nailist dispatch『@nails』

charged employment placement services(13-ユ-307882)
General Worker Dispatching Undertakings((派)第13-306640)

Job Information

Employment Status Regular employee
Work Locations 13F Shinjuku NS building 2-4-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo JAPAN
Description of Job <WEB engineer>
Design, implementation, test and operation of Aurora own job site "RUN-WAY" targetting to women from their 20s to mid-30s (F1 layer). Concentrating on self-developed service makes it possible to experience all the process form planning to maintenance of applications and services.

<WEB designer>
Web and graphic design of own job site for F1 layer and of nail and beauty-related EC business.

Starting with marketing, planning of new web service, production direction of own media, project schedule management, quality control of the site.
Salary Classified by job

<WEB engineer>
Monthly 220,000 or more + housing allowance

<WEB designer>
Monthly 200,000 or more + housing allowance

- Bonus twice a year
- Incentive system
- 3 month trial (No salary change)

Transportation expense

Social insuarance (ITS Kenpo)

Club (i.e.futsal・baseball etc)

periodic health checkup

Childirth/care leave

Incentive (Achievement of company's sales goal will supply 30,000 yen)

Internal nail system
We have established an internal nail system that is rare welfare program. Every Monday, Tuseday a nailist comes to the office and supplies some services like Jelly nail,care or massages for employees in the working hours.

Fashionable allowance (Supplied from the end of trial period including 5,000 yen per month)
Fashionable allowance is an allowance that you can use for anything for fashion,such as clothes (for work or for private use), shoes, bages, hair dresser fees, nails, beauty salons and so on!

Individual shift
As long as an employee works the required 160 hours per month using the shift system, he or she is entitled to work at any time for 4 ~ 10 actual working hours (6:00 AM ~ 10:00 PM) per day. You can adjust your work attendance in accordance with individual lifestyle and work cycle.

In order to provide services to female customers, we are expected to be more fashionable! We are such an interresting company and we will welcome you all!

Language Japanese:
INTERMEDIATE(Daily Conversation Level) / ADVANCED(Business Conversation Level) / PROFICIENT(Native Level)

Beginner / INTERMEDIATE(Daily Conversation Level)
Holidays Two days off per week(Saturday,Sunday and National holiday)
Summer holidays
Year-end and New Year holidays
Annual paid leave:10 days
120 annual holidays
Working Environment In Aurora,young employees in their 20s and 30s are majority who play important roles,and they can feel free to talk each other without worrying about their position and departments. Since our web services like 「RUN-WAY - jobsite for women」or「Job site of Nailist」are provided for female customers, half of our employees are women.
There are many cases that female newgrads without any skill/knowledge became engineers or driector after few months of training. You can work with high motivations with simple evaluation system based on how you work and achive the mission.
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